Learning Revit Families

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Learning Revit Families Training – 895$ – 2 weeks in Parramatta


Families are the basic building blocks of the Autodesk Revit software platform. Almost every object within Revit is based on a family definition. There are numerous types of families, which all serve certain functions, and have certain uses. A basic understanding of Revit families, their types and uses, and how to modify and create families is an essential skill in becoming a proficient Revit user. This 6 day training serves to be a full overview of Revit Families, the Revit Family Editor interface, and some best practices for the creation of families as well as multiple hand-on examples.

Course Presenter: Brad Sonter

Brad is a registered Architect who is currently the Practice BIM Manager at Kannfinch Group Architects in Sydney. He has been using Autodesk products for over 30 years and object based modelling tools including Revit for more than 20 years. Brad tests yearly pre-releases of Revit and provides feedback to Autodesk on future program development. He has implemented BIM on various large complex projects including the DUNC Gray Sydney Olympic Velodrome and University of Sydney School of Business to a LOD 500 deliverable standard. Brad has presented numerous seminars and workshops at conferences and been involved in providing advanced Revit training to organisations and individuals for over 15 years.

Tentative date 7th of December 2017.

Course Outline:

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Learning Revit Families

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